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Marc Dressen’s Workout Planner 2.1 (Updated)



Updated Version 2.1

  • 2 completely new workouts were added, in total there are now 5 different workout split routines you can choose from:
    • 2x 3 day workout split routines
    • 2x 4 day workout split routines
    • 1x 5 day workout split routine
  • In addition the area to track your workout was extended to 4 weeks instead of 1 week!


What is the Workout Planner 2.1?

Great question. Over the last couple of years I’ve been searching for a tool which would help me create a results driven strength & hypertrophy workout plan and let me track my progress. I couldn’t find a suitable workout planner anywhere so I decided to take on the challenge and create it myself.

This tool will give you 5 different push / pull / legs routines to choose from. Based on your fitness level the workout planner will calculate the optimal reps, sets and rest times for your to achieve optimal muscle growth and strength gains in the shortest period of time.

Who is it for?

Anyone who wants to build muscle & lose weight with a solid strength training program in order to take his/her own personal fitness to the next level and on top is seeking for some expert guidance along the way.

How do I use the MD Workout Planner?

I created a learning video (linked at the bottom) which will give you additional guidance. You can also watch some of my instructional videos on my YouTube channel. (

[VIDEO] How to use the Marc Dressen’s Workout Planner 2.1


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