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Marc Dressen’s Meal Planner 2.0



What is the Meal Planner?

Great question. Over the last couple of years I’ve been searching for a tool which would help me calculate my optimal calorie intake, create a specific results driven meal plan and let me track my results. I couldn’t find this tool anywhere so I decided to take on the challenge and create it myself.

Who is it for?

I would say basically everyone who wants to take on his or her own personal fitness journey, but is seeking for some expert guidance along the way.

How do I use the Meal Planner?

I created a „HELP SECTION“ located next to the tools which will give you additional guidance. You can also watch some of my instructional videos on my YouTube channel. (www.youtube.com/marcdressenpt)

[VIDEO] How to use the Calorie Calculator & Meal Planner 2.0

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